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Product description

  The MASTER work 1600 mobile workbench from wolfcraft can be used as work table and offers numerous clamping and fastening options for stationary devices. The stable and sturdy frame made of aluminium is foldable, for easy transport of the MASTER work 1600 to the desired work location and space-saving storage. The 1035 x 695 mm work surface made of 22 mm MDF, with a load capacity of 120 kg, is suitable for almost any project. With the height-adjustable foot, you can control the position on uneven terrain, so that the table has a stable and secure stand. In the integrated 20 mm bores, you can flexibly position clamping claws, clamps and other clamping aids. Special slotted holes enable the use of wolfcraft one-hand clamps in the tabletop area. The hole dimensions allow you to conveniently turn the clamps in the desired direction. If you want to firmly fix large workpieces in position on the table profile, use the 2 large or 2 small clamping blocks. They expand the support surface underneath the tabletop, so that you can optimally use the clamps. Additionally, the clamping blocks are used as support surfaces if you store the folded table in a free-standing position. The 4 small clamping jaws are used as stoppers for positioning workpieces. After use, you can store them in the provided holders inside the clamping blocks. For stationary use of your mitre saw or the wolfcraft drill stand (art. 5027000), attachment slots and hole bores are provided in the worktop. The matching mounting material is included in the scope of delivery. With just one product, you are reliably and effectively prepared for countless challenges around the home. 


  work table with numerous clamping and fastening options for stationary equipment  
mobile and foldable: versatile use and space-saving storage  
easy transport thanks to the light aluminium construction  
1035 x 695 mm work surface made of 22 mm MDF, with a load capacity of 120 kg, is suitable for almost any project 
20 mm bore for using clamping claws, clamps, etc. 
special slotted holes enable flexible use of wolfcraft one-hand clamps, for clamping in the tabletop area 
including 2 large and 2 small clamping blocks for fixating workpieces to the table profile with clamps; furthermore they are helpful when the workbench is stored folded 
including 4 clamping jaws to use as stoppers when positioning workpieces and as clamping aid in combination with the wolfcraft one-hand clamps  
holders in the clamping blocks for storing the clamping jaws 
attachment slots for mounting a mitre saw 
4 boreholes for mounting the wolfcraft drill stand attachment (art. 5027000) 
including fastening material for mitre saws, as well as for the wolfcraft drill stand (art. 5027000) 
robust and stable thanks to a sturdy base frame and a height-adjustable foot 

Technical data

product width 1,110 mm
product length 765 mm
product height 863 mm
dimensions product (w x d x h) 765 x 1,110 x 863 mm
dimensions product folded 1,110 x 200 x 765 mm
product weight 21 kg
worktop 1,035 x 695 mm
working height 863 mm
material base frame made from steel and aluminium elements 
load capacity 120 kg
further product specification Tabletop, 22 mm thick 

Scope of delivery

  1 working table 
4 clamping blocks 
4 clamping jaws 
1 Allen key 
Fastening material for mitre saws and wolfcraft drill stand, art. 5027000 


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